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With over 25 years experience, we cover all aspects of carpentry and joinery, in all markets – from residential to historic buildings. Stott Carpentry are known for reliability and quality whilst consistently performing to the most stringent specifications and programmes. Our dedicated teams are used to working to the highest standards within tight budgets and deadlines. We have the skills, knowledge, flexibility and resources to meet all the challenges that occur throughout the wide variety of projects that we undertake.

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Life outside work is also very important to us, we have the pleasure of supporting 4 charities that are dear to us. They are:


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018, replacing the UK Data Protection Act (DPA). GDPR unifies the data protection law across the European Union, and gives people more rights over their personal data that is held by companies, including J.A. Stott Carpentry Ltd.

How does this affect you?

  • As a partner in our business endeavours, J.A. Stott may possess and process personal data regarding you or your representatives, insofar as it allows us to continue operating as a business. As such, we would like to reaffirm to you our commitments under our data protection policy.
  • Personal data held by J.A. Stott will be processed fairly and lawfully.
  • Personal data held by J.A. Stott will only be collected and used to assist our staff in providing an efficient service. We will collect only what data is necessary to do this, and will not hold it any longer than is necessary.
  • Personal data held by J.A. Stott will only have been provided freely and with the informed consent of the individual.
  • Personal data is held by J.A. Stott securely¬†with appropriate safeguards against unauthorised access or accidental release, loss, or damage.
  • Personal data held by J.A. Stott will not be shared with another third party without the express consent of the individual concerned unless there is a legal duty of disclosure under other legislation.
  • Personal data held by J.A. Stott will no0t be transferred outside the European Economic Area unless the destination country has at least equivalent levels of protection for personal data.
  • J.A Stott will fully respect your rights under GDPR