Considerate Constructors Scheme

Stott Carpentry are delighted to have been awarded 5 stars in our recent audit for the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Executive Summary from the audit is below.

The company achieved a silver award in the last registration period, and it would appear by their efforts as observed at this visit that there is a determination to continue to go forward in their compliance with the Schemes principles and values. Appearance – the company created an exceptional first impression in the appearance of the management team supported by their workforce work place dress code. The company have a limited scope of works but have coupled the CCS principles and values to all they do. The chain arrangement to display signage and prevent unauthorised access clearly indicates a forward way of thinking towards problem solving. An SMSTS accredited foreman to ensure housekeeping and logistics are managed to expectation maintains a high score against M/C KPIs. The community noticeboard on display at the work station promoted the company and their efforts on site. The company had addressed all points in this section of the report to a standard that exceeded expectation. Community – the company has demonstrated a clear effort to go the extra mile in addressing all points in this section of the report to a high standard. Exceptional modes of communication ensure all parties on site are able to feedback and stay connected. Exceptional management of deliveries negates any impact from them and the company’s activities create little impact. Promotion of CCS principles and values clearly indicates these are now intrinsic as part of the company training programme and ethos. An outstanding opportunity is made to promote the industry and create opportunity for new people. Environmental – the site demonstrates an exceptional effort to address all points in this section of the report relative to their activity to a high standard that exceeds expectation. Planning and methodology is supported by training initiatives and a pro- active approach to environmental best practice with open reporting of performances. ISO accreditations and warranted installer status further support standards. Safety – the site demonstrates exceptional systems and controls to address all points in this section of the report to a standard exceeding expectation. Attitudes towards continuous safety improvement were apparent, went the extra mile, and impressed the monitor. Workforce – the company demonstrate an exceptional commitment to their workforce. This addresses their wellbeing, and provides for betterment opportunity and long term employment prospects. Open lines of communication ensure everyone is afforded the opportunity to have their say and be heard. All relevant points in this section of the report are addressed to an industry leading high standard. Many thanks to Hugh, Zydrunas and Andres for taking the time to meet with me.